100% Aussie Beef

Gibson Country Style Jerky



A Taste of the Wild West in Collie, WA

Our Delicious Story
There’s nothing quite like the taste of a good piece of jerky – it’s a snack that’s perfect for any occasion. And when it comes to quality jerky in WA, there’s no better choice than Gibson Country-Style Jerky. Our family-owned business has been making delicious, high-quality jerky for a year now, and has amassed an incredible customer-base in the short time our family business has been open. We take pride in our traditional methods of preparation, using only the finest cuts of meat and a secret blend of herbs and spices to create a flavour that’s simply irresistible.
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Some of Best in the South west

Teriyaki Jerky


Teriyaki is a brilliant unique flavour that gives you a subtle sweet and savoury taste, giving a bold and juicy flavour to every bite.

Hot Chilli Jerky


Hot Chilli is a classic for those who like the heat turned up! This pack will have freshly ground chilli flakes with a creamy yet heated chilli paste. 

Pepper steak & Garlic Jerky


Pepper Steak is a ‘Best-Seller’, and has a delicious pepper taste and a smoky undertone of flavour for anyone who adores the outdoor cooking flavours of a BBQ or smoker. 

Original beef


Honey/Soy/Garlic Jerky


Honey-Soy Garlic is a specialty, giving you a lovely taste of Sweetness mixed with the shaper notes of Garlic that get the sensations stimulated. 

Mild Chilli Jerky


Mild Chilli is for the spice lovers of an entry-level that want to experience the modest heat. This pack is carefully crafted with succulent home-ground chilli-flakes and a soft creamy chilli paste.

Teaser Packs Jerky


This pack gives you 50g of each flavour, and gives you the chance to taste everything in fun little tasting portions! Try it out and find out what you adore most from our selection!

They All Love Our Jerky

for the love of jerky

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Now, you can purchase a gift card directly from our site and send it to your loved ones to shop our delicious jerky.

100% Aussie Beef

Gibson Country Style Jerky

The best in the South west

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